Your NOOK Today (aka Home) is a personal reading assistant whose primary purpose is to help users find their next read with as little friction as possible, making discovery effortless.   The experience is always fresh and dynamic, providing users with the latest highlights from all sections of the app.  The YNT ‘spotlight’ module is a customized module designed to feature special promotions when required.  Engagement modules were designed to further personalize the experience and are surfaced in an unobtrusive and engaging way.

- High drop off rate after downloading app.
- Confused with BN login.
- Poor brand recognition.  
- Poor search results - (97% of users use the search feature).
- Confused with current home page carousel.
- Users can't always find their last read.

-  Ability to explore before signup. Simplify sign up process.
- Become the users 'companion' thru the use of the Current Reads module which surfaces users 5 last reads.
-  Personal recommendations should surpass user expectation (improve search algorithm) 
- Surface Quick Reads content to personalize the experience. Connect readers to authors better.
- Add social elements to modules via friend recommendations, likes, book lists, etc. 

The YNT experience was designed to scale from the mobile platform to both the Samsung Galaxy 7 & 10in tablets on portrait & landscape.



Flushed out a strategic module layout for content and size based on time of day, location, overall usage, screen orientation and user preference. Designed for key promotions and curated content modules that always rose to the top.  The visual development of YNT is based on the NOOK design principles.

Boundless Potential:
Use of full-sized images that bleed off the edges in the spotlight/hero module and translucent chrome that creates an unobstructed view.

Unexpected Delight:
Strategic use of background elements that are color sampled from their related content used to generate engaging content. Engagement modules that align with the NOOK visual design language and inspire users to help NOOK learn more about them.

Clever Companion:
Use of the “spotlight/hero spot’ as well as other modules to target and surface algorithmic-based content related to a user’s interests.
A never-ending discovery of content that loops back and updates with each new use.
Reading progress bar that reminds the user where they left off in their current reads module.