Quick Reads is specifically targeting a users insatiable request for free snackable-sized content.

To satisfy this growing trend the NOOK engineering team developed a way to extract and populate modules with article excerpts extracted from any one of NOOK’s vast collection of books and magazines. 

The Quick Reads concept also allowed NOOK to push content out to social streams with engaging & free content potentially attracting new and younger NOOK users. 

NOOK editor's created author quotes, pull quotes from existing content or customized quotes that embellished the content.

Users can access bite-sized content of their favorite reads as well as customizing their special interests through RSS feeds. Module content is broken up into category topics that users can organize according to preference. 

When a user taps on a module it expands to a full-screen page. Meta-data such as the title, author and topic accompanies the article excerpt.

- 1ST TIME USE:  allow users to browse popular & premium content to discover and engage
- 2ND TIME USE: user starts to interact with content and personalize choices resulting in a curated feed
- RECURRING USE:  user returns daily/weekly to consume content resulting in a more personalized and satisfying experience.


The strategic module layout for both portrait and landscape, typography and visual development incorporating the NOOK design language and principles.

Boundless Potential:
Use of full-sized images that bleed off the edges in related modules, translucent chrome that creates an unobstructed view. A never ending stream of bite-sized content that flows in a strategically thought out responsive grid structure that scales both in portrait and landscape.

Unexpected Delight:
Bite-sized module content that expands and reveals more as a user explores. The layered transitions from the module to the expanded article view engage and surprise.
*motion to come

Clever Companion:
A first-time use of the Quick Reads landing page shows the latest curated content from NOOK editors. As the user taps and explores content NOOK’s algorithm learns and responds with more and more relevant reads. 

The Quick Reads experience was designed to scale from the mobile platform to both the Samsung Galaxy 7 & 10in tablets in both portrait & landscape.